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Health .......... and the student! A joyless experience.

I have been following posts and review on Duolingo with interest since the new system was imposed. While I accept that people will always be resistant to change, I have found the new format rather difficult to deal with. I seem to make far more silly errors which has resulted in loss of lives and deep frustration.

Like a lot of other learners, I feel that my progress with Duolingo has been derailed. I no longer actively enjoy my studies and have abandoned the mobile app. I am continuing to do a little work on the web as it does not inflict health checks, but it is not as interactive as the app.

Thanks for all the free learning I have enjoyed in the past and I live in hope that you will update the app to remove health.

April 24, 2018



Actually your progress has not been derailed. I don't like the crown system either, but I am determined to make the best of it. It seems that different people will find different ways to work it to their advantages. Get to level 25 in your French. You're almost there, bonne chance!


The only thing the app has that the web is missing, I think, is exercises which ask you to pronounce something. I don't think that the app is particularly good at telling when you've pronounced something correctly, though. You can get more or less the same benefit just by speaking out loud when you practice.


The web version definitely has pronunciation questions. I have my mic plugged in all the time now for this very reason. But I agree, their voice recognition seems to be pretty lame. Sometimes I know I have mispronounced or botched a sentence, yet DuoLingo still lets it through. So I'm not sure what the benefit of the pronunciation questions actually is.


I agree with you completely.

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