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"Ils vendent des épices en poudre."

Translation:They sell powdered spices.

April 24, 2018



Is it just me or does the audio for "poudre" always sound like the person is hiccuping while saying it.


It sounds completely weird, more like "plutant." The fembot often does. I have a huge problem with the oral-to-written exercises.


The sentence is spoken - why not "he sells powdered spices"? They both sound the same and it depends on the situation to determine if it is "he" or "they"


In "ils vendent" you hear the "d" ; in "il vend" you don't hear the "d".


When talking about individual spices we would say ground rather than powdered. How do other people feel about this one? Do you say powdered where you come from?


In Australia we say "ground" spice. It appears the French say ground also:
I could find no reference to "powdered" spices.


Actually, en poudre is the most common generalisation for ready ground spices in French. There is a subtle distinction between something you grind up yourself and commercial ground spices, en poudre is refering to the state of the finished product. So, if you are preparing your own spices, milled (bought or if you have the luxury of a little electric grinder) is moulu, pounded (i.e. with a pestle and mortar) is pilé and crushed is écrasé.(These are all masculine singular forms.) Hope this helps.


Makes sense -- but the normal English translation would still be "ground spices," rather than "powdered."


Interesting information. Merci.


The audio makes "poudre" undistinguishable, this really needs to be fixed.

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