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"El búho fue a un concierto con sus amigos."

Translation:The owl went to a concert with its friends.

April 24, 2018



Did anyone get theirs marked off for "The owl went to a concert with his friends"? (I know "it" is probably better for animals than random pronouns.)


Yes, kobalus, I was marked wrong for saying 'his' friends - bit confused, as doesn't 'sus' mean 'his' and 'its'??


Yeah, I assumed that since animals were reading books and going to concerts in these examples I should be assigning more "human" characteristics in these examples. But it looks like "it" is the best interpretation of "sus" in these particular lessons.


All these animal sentences seem to require us to write 'it', yet in whimsical stories, the animal is always, or at least usually, a he or a she.


That must have been a hoot


Here's a question for you Spanish etymologists: Is búho on​o​mato​poe​ic?


Not for all owls, but for European Eagle Owls (which are found in Spain), whose Scientific name is Bubo bubo


I guess trying to figure out the meaning through the context is not going to work anymore


I wonder if they saw...The Who


Why "sus" and not "su?"


Because "amigos" is plural. They have to match.


Technically it's the same thing lol I just put "The owl was at a concert with friends." Why do i have to put on the its if i know the grammar of it is just sounding awkward for a native speaker.


Not saying I am right, but because the oral statement sounded so much like (el búho fue al concierto con sus amigos) unless I slowed it up it was very hard to distinguish the difference between a un and al. Though the context would not be loss in an actual conversation, you would need a slow speaking person to tell the difference to me.


I like a context that makes some sense in the real world and these animal ones don't do it for me. I'll be glad to get to the end of these lessons.


Yes, and especially since a cow can't technically be a "he", and yet it is accepted. Why cant an owl be a "he"?


Why for a concert is not correct?


This is an odd one for native English speakers and brings out some if the idiosyncrasies of the english language. At least in the US. "It" generally refers to an object or thing. In cases like this it's more common to call the animal a he or she irregardless of what the gender actually is.


If I can imagine that an owl went to a concert with friends...then I can also imagine that the owl was a boy.


Seriously? Duo is counting "his" as incorrect?


In this exercise I had the "choose the right words" from the selection below. I didn't pay close enough attention and selected "friends' ", not "friends". My screen isn't as clean as new and I didn't notice the VERY SMALL apostrophe on "friends" and I was marked wrong. That's tricky and sneaky! LOL.


I was wondering where all the cool sentences went, it's good to see some in this "Farm" section.


I enjoy these silly sentences. They make me smile.

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