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Puzzled by HeartHealth; unable to learn at the pace prior to it starting, frustrated with pace

April 24, 2018



Heart health is basically evil.


Either give a constructive criticism or nothing at all.


Heart health is just a tool to get people who are making mistakes to take a break and review, before continuing to learn new material. The question is whether it is useful for that purpose or just makes people give up. That depends on the people and the way the program corrects errors. Everyone learns differently. Luckily, the web version can be used through Safari and it does not have the Health feature, but be careful not to click on the icon for the app at the top of the screen or you will be transported away from the web version and back to the app.


Come play on the web version through your browser, because there is no Health anywhere but on iOS. Me too, I hate that Health feature. You can bring up your health by pressing the health tab second to the left on the bottom and practice, Practice won't add to your crown level, but it should bring up your health.


Practice is all well and good, if it's good for the heart health it should also be good for the crown level. I usually find 5 minutes here and there at work and at home. Really got addicted to learning multiple languages and how they relate to each other. This method eradicates that experience for me and my personal goals. Seems all I will be doing is practicing while reaching no goals, even little ones. I will give it a go, just disappointed as it stands.


What is a “tree shortcut”?



If it didn’t work again, type “tree shortcut” into the search window. Ampersands get taken out of addresses. The ampersand was right before the word Tree.

Anyway you can test out of skills, before you do them but for some unknown reason they place the test out feature below the skills that you can test out of, So after the first 7 or 8 skills, then after 15 or 16 skills, and so on down the tree. If you do all the skills above the test out feature, then that feature won’t work anymore and will change to “Reached Checkpoint”. They don’t have one at the very bottom of the tree, so you can’t test out of the last skills. They used to have a test out feature for each skill, but not in the Crown system. You can check if there are any skills which still have it at www.duome.eu/tony_oui/progress

Your level is quite high, I don’t think you can access them anymore. You cannot test out of a skill that you have already done. You can still use that to use the practice feature and bring your percentage up on the skills which have faded, because yes spaced repetition still shows there and you can just click on the dumbbells to bring your skills up and if you click on the colored skill on the left you can see words to learn. This type of practice doesn’t affect crowns, as the old golden tree is equivalent to having crown level 1 on all the skills.

Anyone else just replace the username with your own username.

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