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crown level

what does crown level mean?

April 25, 2018



For an individual who has reached level 25 and 24 in spanish from English and French, the crown system is absolutely useless! I was expecting that the higher you go in a crwon it will get more difficult.. Not the case.. I did Animals up to level 5 and It was always the same between the levels... In fact besides Elephants, monkeys, horse, lion, bull, cat, dog, crab, rabbit, penguin, fish, birds and few others more, the difficulty has not changed... It gets boring to use the verbs comer and beber, and always drinking water or milk....As a feedback Duolingo needs to expend the vocabulary when reaching higher levels within a crown. This would make it more interesting and more challenging... I guess I will stay with the "revise " option and forget about the individual Crowns.....A thumb down on this one Duolingo....


From what I can tell almost absolutely nothing! It just measures how many practices you finished. It does not measure what you really know or anything really. I wish there was an option to turn that off in the settings, I am not really following it.


It counts all the crowns from all your skills. The French tree has 96 regular skills multiplied by 5 crowns each gives 480 possible crowns, plus 3 bonus skills which are done with only 1 crown each (Flirting, Idioms and Christmas which is only available during that holiday season.) So the highest possible crown level for French would be 483.



Thank you, that makes sense.

[deactivated user]

    Crown level is how many crowns you have by leveling up.

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