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"the letter q"


April 25, 2018



With these multiple choice questions in Klingon starting with capital letters, am I correct in thinking that's a Duolingo glitch and that they should not be that way?


Yes, and it's important since qay and Qay are different letters.


It is important, but it doesn't matter much for those multiple choice questions since it turns out Duolingo will also accept both as an answer. It's just that it's confusing if it asks for the Klingon name of q and only offers Qay. You can still get it marked correct by choosing Qay, but it's annoying and confusing for beginners. There's a reason were still in beta.


At the moment the male voice is saying qay and the female voice is saying Qay. There's nothing we can do about it, as Duolingo thinks qay and Qay are the same.


Feedback comment: "Audio is wrong; the phoneme /q/ is not supposed to be aspirated in Klingon."

Response: Duolingo can't tell the difference between Qay and qay. We can record one or the other, but not both.


The complaint is not accurate, though. q, as all unvoiced plosives in Klingon, should definitely be aspirated. Don't ever let it be a stop without the plosive, even, or maybe especially, at the end of a syllable!

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