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Whoa! My crowns are now "color coded"

Such that now all level 1s are blue, level 2s are green, level 3s are red, and level 4s are orange.

I like this. I still use duolingo.eu to figure out what skills I need to practice. But I do appreciate the color coding.

April 25, 2018



Same here!! And I love it!

How do you tell from duolingo.eu what you need to practice? It only shows progress in one language ...


Oh, I really only focus in Spanish, I haven't really investigated the other languages I was starting to learn (and have since given up). I just visit here: https://duolingo.eu/mbova7/progress (but with your user name) and click the little weight next to all the non-gold ones. I agree, I can't figure out how to switch to my French, etc. Maybe a smart person who has been using duolingo.eu longer may be able to help us figure that out.


I've only known about duolingo.eu since crowns were introduced; and similarly to you I use it purely to see which skills need practising next, due to the decay of skills.

To change the duo.eu site to a different language; you just need to switch the language you're learning on the main duolingo site, then refresh the .eu page.

Hope that's what you're after?


okay I investigated some more. I think you may need to change your learning language on duolingo.com for duolingo.eu to give you progress in the relevant other languages, since duolingo.com seems to code you based on what you're "learning right now". I would try that.


Thank you for the information, Mbova7! This definitely looks really helpful. :-)


Wow, never knew about this site. Thanks!


My colours are still mixed and not related to the skill level (except level 5 of course which are gold).


I hope you get the new look soon. I like it because it's much easier to scan the level I'm at in any particular skill, see where I have more or less levels to do (blue being a lot of work, red being less work to reach gold)


Must be an A/B test. I wonder how people's behavior will be affected by the color coding.


Sounds like an A/B test. And sadly, it seems I'm on the B side of things. No colors for me :(


Me too. This is really good. Now my tree looks better, (almost everything is green), and it's easier to know which skill I have to work more.


I love the new colors!

And as far as practicing goes, I have found that Duo uses a pretty good system to let you practice in a systematic way. I just use the "practice" button on the main site, and when I compare (on the Duolingo.eu site which skill it improved, I find that it starts to improve the 75% ones first, to bump them up to 100% (starting from the lowest of the 75% ones, at least generally, as far as I've seen). I would assume that it will then go on to the 50% ones, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

Right now I'm focusing on my French tree so I can get the golden owl...But I experimented with my other languages to find out how the practice worked.


Me too! My, it makes you want to level up to see the next color.


¡Qué interesante! Creo que es una buena cosa con los "Crowns". Desafortunadamente para mi, todos están el mismo color todavía.

Me gustaría colores diferentes para ellos también :)


As I strongly focus (with some random general Practice exercises) on 16 more difficult "grammar (verb) skills" on my forward EN-PT tree since I completed my tree (golden owl), I would like to see all of these in a special customizable colour.

I believe that different types of skills should be different colours, and maybe the crowns number can be coloured instead of golden crown (or gold if L5).


Oh interesting idea here. I think it's a bit tough to determine what the more or less difficult skills would be, though --- feels subjective doesn't it?

For me, I find nouns much easier to recall than verbs, especially when speaking aloud. I think that is because of the concrete nature (kind of the way you remember things in a memory palace exercise). I'm not sure everyone feels that way though.

I would definitely love a way to look at your tree in terms of skill type though: for instance, I desperately want a way to see all my verbs, and which ones I'm stronger at and which ones I'm weaker at (rather than which skill I'm weaker or stronger at overall). I'm still struggling mightily with pronouns and reflexive verbs too.


The new colors are much nicer. I used the app yesterday and my colors have not changed there so I was able to compare it to the website and have to say that I enjoy the new colors so much more.


yes! me too! i really like it :D


Sounds like a better screen to work with. Mine has not updated yet, I'm thinking its a phased roll out, like crowns were. Does anyone know ?


Does the colour coding help because you can see at a glace which are the lowest level skills? instead of looking at the number on the crown?

also what system are you on, web, ios, andriod? Cause mine are not in anyway coloured based on crown levels.


It helps me a lot to scan the page. When my colors were all mixed I felt like I was staring at a mess, now it's much easier to figure out what's going on at a glance. Based on the responses here, this is something they are rolling out slowly with some people having it and others not.

FYI I am using Google Chrome on my laptop. I don't like the iOS app nearly as much and I pretty much just keep it in case I'm traveling :(.


Got the new coloer coding, too. But only on PC. My android version is still "randomly" color coded.


I went to that duolingo.eu but all I see is the hall of fame. Did I miss anyhting? What is so special there?


The link needs to include your own user name , thus:



Todavía no tengo eso per me gusta mucho la idea. Lo esperaré.

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