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  5. "Není to černobílé."

"Není to černobílé."

Translation:It is not black and white.

April 25, 2018



Does this have the same meaning as the English phrase? As in the situation's not clear cut but instead more nuanced?


Now you know what name of Chornobyl (Чорнобиль) means


чорнобиль (čornobyl') means Artemisia vulgaris, in English common wormwood, in Czech pelyněk černobýl

Notice černobýl, not černobíl, it does not come from the colour of white. It comes from bylina=билина= a plant/grass.


I think it was intended to be a pun :)


Why do you need the 'to'?


You don't. If you want to ask why your answer wasn't accepted, you have to always tell the complete sentence.


I answered correcty, I just don't understand the function of the 'to' there.


I say again, you do NOT need the "to", sentences without it are also accepted.

You can also say "Není černobílé." when continuing an existing discussion about some neuter thing. "Jaké má to auto barvu?" Není černobílé." "What colour is that car?" "It is not black and white."

Otherwise use the common "je to"/"to je" to refer to any entity that has not et been established or is not a specific neuter object. E.g. to speaking about the present situation in general.


Surely 'It isn't black or white' as that is simplya contraction ...


And the English phrase is 'black OR white' meaning it's neither extreme, but a bit of both.


"It isn't black OR white" means something else. It would be "Není to černé ani bílé" in Czech.


"It isn't black and white" is a perfectly fine and frequently used phrase. It means, essentially, that it is not that easy to make a clear-cut distinction. Here are a couple of examples showing the difference between being and not being "black and white":

"Love isn't always black and white, you know. You have to accept that there are many gray areas in relationships.

Don't debate me about it. The rules are black and white, and you broke them. "

Source: First entry at https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/black+and+white


The heck? Why black and white is a wrong answer


You need to tell us your complete answer.


Speaker does not pronounce Czech words properly. Cernobile was not.


"černobílé" is pronounced as it should be.

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