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Passt (it fits / it matches)?

When doing my lessons tonight, I had a few instances where “passt” meant “fits” and a few random ones where it said it meant “matches.”

Every time I look up “passen,” it translates to “to fit!”

April 25, 2018



Both are right depending on the context. Just imagine yourself in a store where you try on a shirt. Looking at the mirror you can say: "Das passt gut". Then you actually make clear that the shirt has the right size and in English you would have said: "That fits". However, if you want to say that the colours match with your other clothes you would say: "It matches.... ". In German you could say: Es (Das) passt.

"Das passt mir gut" can also be said when you try to get an appointment and you like the suggested time.

A: Kannst du um fünf hier sein? (Can you be here at five?)

B: Ja, das passt mir gut. (Yes, that is fine with me)


Thanks! That was my hunch as well, but couldn't find any dictionaries that said it could mean both.


You are welcome ;-)


Hi indymcfly, please have a look at this site, which shows you some examples for "passen":



it can mean both depending on the context.

you can also use passt as a reply to "wie gehts" (how are you) in that case it means something like i am (more or less) fine...

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