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"The cautious child has become a self-willed adult."

Translation:L'enfant prudent est devenu un adulte volontaire.

April 25, 2018



'voluntaire' is defined both as 'self-willed' and 'voluntary' by http://www.larousse.fr . So how do you tell which meaning is intended when in use? It could possibly be either in this sentence.


Funny, given that égoiste was part of this lesson, I didn't associate self-willed with voluntaire.


Doesn't "entêté" also mean self-willed?


Someone who is self-willed is determined to do the things that they want to do and will not take advice from other people. He was very independent and self-willed. Il était très indépendant et volontaire. Entêté(e) or têtu(e) is stubborn. I think there's not much difference.

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