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this language is so hard? (klingon)

anyone can tell me please?

April 25, 2018



There are many features of Klingon that are quite different from English, and the vocabulary is almost completely unrelated.

But it's a very regular language and, in itself, is not that hard to learn, I think -- few irregularities.

So once you've learned the differences, it works fairly consistently.

It just takes some getting used to.


Mmmm i see! Thank you for answer!


Please make sure to read the Tips for each Skill. We have given you a lot of explanation to help make the lessons easier. To find the Tips, you have to access the course with a web browser. When you click on the Skill, you can then click on the Tips button that appears. Every Skill in the Klingon course has helpful Tips. If you still have questions, then you will find help here in the forums, but please be specific as to what you need help with.


thank you for everything!


Klingon was deliberately designed to be as different as possible from the average Indo-European language. The grammar seems not entirely unlike some Amerindian languages, however.


It wasn't actually designed to be as different as possible from Indo-European languages, or any natural language. It was designed to be harsh and guttural, it was designed to run counter to some of the more obvious trends in natural languages, it was designed to incorporate the seven words already existing from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, it was designed to be pronounceable by English-native actors, and it was designed according to some of Marc Okrand's personal preferences, like avoiding z's and k's because most science-fiction names are full of those. It was also shaped by retro-fitting mistakes, changes, or original inventions in Star Trek movies and TV.

Some people have approached Klingon expecting it to be impossibly difficult and weird because it's supposed to be utterly alien, and they've been disappointed to find that it's actually fairly normal and not so difficult after all.


On the other hand, I believe Marc Okrand tried to ensure that while the language as a whole was not like any Earth language, each of its features does occur in Earth languages somewhere, so it's not completely alien (and possibly unlearnable).

For example, the suffixes work a bit similarly to Turkish; verbs agreeing for both subject and object is found in e.g. Basque; object–verb–subject word order is found in Hixkaryana; and so on.


Thank you for everything dear!


Thank you for asnwer my friend

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