"Mes garçons adorent la confiture."

Translation:My boys love jam.

April 25, 2018



Is there a translation for the slang word 'jam' (song) in French? I can't exactly picture someone saying "c'est ma confiture!" and breaking it out on the dance floor.

April 25, 2018


lol ! :D i wouldn't be surprised if they used "jam" as a loan-word for this, a lot of english words seem to make their way into french slang... c'est ma jam!

I looked up some alternatives, and here's what i found, with quite a range from literal to slang:

  • C'est ma chanson
  • C'est mon hymne
  • C'est ma chanson favorite
  • C'est mon style
  • C'est mon kiff
  • C'est ma cam
  • Ça c'est moi
  • C'est de la bombe
  • Ça c'est mon truc !
November 1, 2018

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Duolingo, you have to straight this out. Last week I translated in few lessons "adore" with "love" and was flagged as error. I could not pass further until I did not use your version "like". Now I used "like" from the beginning and you tell me is "love".......

September 8, 2018


why "not my boys love THE jam"?

May 16, 2018


When affirmation verbs are used (even negative affirmation, like hate) the article has to be l', la, le or les - it cannot be d', de la, du or des. However, the general meaning of d', de la, du or des is implied - some, or a non-specific item.

I keep tripping up on this one too, but it is the way it is used - watch for the affirmation verbs (like, love, hate, etc.) - anything that expresses the subject's feelings for that item. Then l', la, le or les do not imply a specific object.

October 11, 2018


I have the same question too !

June 7, 2018


The eleventh multiple choice error this week. How am I ever going to complete these sets of questions? 'Adorent' missed from the sentence buy not offered as a possible choice of answer. PLEASE SORT OUT THESE MULTIPLE CHOICE ERRORS, DUOLINGO.

May 7, 2018


So my girls i have to say 'daughters' but my 'sons' wasnt accepted for my boys?

December 13, 2018


Where IS the the ??? Why not My boys love the jam ???

June 7, 2018


Although that is one possible translation, using "la" in this context, paired with a verb of liking/disliking, can just mean the general term "jam" as a food, not any specific quantity of jam. So "the" could be used, but that gives a different meaning than not using "the".

June 29, 2018


Also wondering why the article "the" is not present

June 13, 2018


When using terms of like or dislike, in this case "adorer", using the definitive article ("la" or "the") can either mean something specific, as in "the", or the general concept of the item, e.g. jam as a food, not the specific food. Hope that helps!

June 29, 2018


"de la" ou "la". Either or both (L'un ou l'autre). Alternatively you could also use "de la". It would be "Mes garçons adorent de la confiture." This may help people learning for consistency within the program but I don't think the sentence is incorrect as stated and teaches us that language are like that. It is "more" common and may be more correct to use "de" in French as a pronoun in certain sentences (instead of "du" "de la" or "des".

June 14, 2018


Does it have to be jam? Could jelly also be acceptable?

July 25, 2018


No - an entirely separate discussion clearly stated that "jelly" is not "jam" - jelly is clear and has no fruit pieces in it, while jam is essentially boiled down fruit with "beaucoup du sucre".

October 11, 2018


So do we always use the singular (l' la/le) when we are expressing sentiment about something in general? E.g. would it be also correct to say 'Mes garçons adorent la guitare/le sport/l'anglais' ?

December 11, 2018
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