"The horses are not big."

Translation:Die Pferde sind nicht groß.

April 25, 2018

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I do not know when to use nicht and when to use kein.


Kein is used to negate a noun whereas nicht is used to negate a verb. For example:

"I can't see"

"Ich sehe nicht"

Nicht negates the verb see/sehe. Whereas

"I don't see any cheese"

"Ich sehe keinen käse"

Keinen negates the noun, it is the cheese that you can't see.

Kein is just the same word as the definite article ein, just with an added 'k' and you can only use the definite articles with nouns. You can have THE cheese but not THE see, i hope this makes sense and helps you out.


Thank you LukeCox13. Thats the first explanation I've seen that has made it really clear for me. Much appreciated.


Or should I say, Prost!

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    In English, "no" is used to negate a noun, whereas "not" us used to negate a verb. For example:

    "I can't see"

    "Not" negates the verb "can see" ("can" is an auxiliary verb). Whereas

    "I don't see any cheese"

    "Not" negates the verb "do see" (again, "do" is auxiliary).

    Both of your examples have English negating the verb (using "not"), which is why this explanation is confusing. Sure, in German you're negating the noun, but in English you aren't. The English sentence with a negated noun is "I see no cheese".


    Me either and when to put nicht last, can anyone help please


    The letter thst looks like a B at the end of gro. I dont have that on my keyboard how do I put the correct answer? Replacing it with SS doesn't work.


    there are icons below the space where you type your answer that have the German specific letters


    Copy paste from a website


    Die(Definite Article) Pferde (Noun) sind(verb) nicht (Verb Negation) groß (Adjectiv). This is why we use Nicht and not Keine(plural) here. We are negating a verb, for which Nicht is used. Also after the verb it's an adjective, so ther is no way it would be Keine as Keine (k+eine) is always used to negate a Noun. At least that's how I understand it.


    My answer is " Die Pferde sind groβ nicht", not accepted?


      No, that's not the right word order.

      Check out Duo's tips & notes page, or another online explanation.

      By the way, the German ß is not the same as the Greek β. See here for how to set up your device to input German characters.


      This doesn't make sense


      Why `Die pferde sind keine gross ' is not correct?


      the little tab below horses had Pferden as an acceptable plural for horses, but it was not accepted - why not?


      Can anyone please let me know which german keyboard is used widely?


      Where's the mistake here???


      Isn't plural for horses Over den?

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