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New format removed the SRS

Hi, The new format removed the spaced repetition system that was built in the old format - where it triggers a review of an old topic . Will this be reintroduced? Or will it be gone until the foreseeable? Without the SRS it's not as effective for me. It can be as simple adding an icon over the topic when it's for review , a symbols that it's time to review.

April 25, 2018



which still tells you which lessons are golden and which aren't.


Thank you! That's very helpful.


I think the Review button is still tied to the SRS system, but alas doesn't contribute towards your crown progress.


Hi momowuwen i started using the review systrm, there are times it repeats the entire previous lesson. so my challenge is when to review and when to level up either a new topic or raise a level of a learned topic. I want it triggers by spaced repettition. I'm using plecos SRS and pimsleur along side


Thanks! I'm fine with review button then. 8 never used it, i didn't know it was for such.


I don't really care if it contributes toward my crown process, but what does frustrate me is that it does not show you your review progress. It seems you can keep reviewing and reviewing, and you're never sure when you are done. You don't know if you're doing too little review, too much, or just enough.

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