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Please, more English to Spanish exercises!!!

I really like the app, awesome UX,...

The biggest weakness though in my opinion is this (and I'm sure it's pretty easy to fix): the exercises are too easy!!!

The vast majority of exercises is Spanish to English, or En to Es but with a word bank containing only 2 words too much so which boils down to just reordering words, or just connecting suggested Es & En words. I'm sorry, but to learn a language, the fact is, that this is WAY TOO EASY. Making sentences from En to Es is how you practice your active knowledge of a language, which is why I think most of the people are using this app?

With the recent update (the crowns) I got my hopes up again, I thought with the increasing difficulty level there would finally be more En to Es exercises. But here I am, after 40 past tense lessons, still translating stupid easy sentences from Es to En :D.

Of course, in the beginning it should be more easy, but it should get harder and harder way sooner!!!

I hear from a lot of people this is why they stopped using this app, so I'm sure you would (re)gain a lot of users by increasing the difficulty! Maybe including wanted difficulty or the wanted proportion of Es-En/En-Es in the settings or something would also be an option.

Like if you agree, and hopefully someone will see and do something about this!!!

April 25, 2018



I noticed on the Spanish reverse tree there is more translating into English at the higher levels, it is a shame that this is not reflected in the Spanish from English tree with more translations in to Spanish.


can you not turn off the word bank lessons and replace them with keyboard lessons?

so you have to type the answer?


this appears to only be an option on the website, not the apps.


I agree with you Ruben! The same happen with English to my language Romanian. It is just easy words.


Totally agree. I find that my weakest area is complex written English into the same level in Spanish. That's what my brain has to do with people, so I want to practice that here.


Have you tried the Crowns system recently?

I have noticed that on the Welsh course at least, that is exactly what is happening especially on the iOS app where this was one of the main weaknesses.


Yes, this is what I mean with the recent update. It's an improvement indeed, but in my opinion there still should be more! It takes too long to get far enough in my opinion :-).


They have tried that but every time Duolingo has made it harder by adding more translate into the language you're learning, massive numbers of people have stopped using it. So, there has been a gap between what people say they want and how most people actually behave.

If you are finding the app much too easy, then switching to using the web version on a computer should make it more interesting. If you are ready for even more of a challenge, you could try the reverse tree. I get 10 or questions to type into Spanish every lesson.


Oh okay I did not know that.

The web version indeed is a bit more interesting, but using the app is more convenient :D.

What is the reverse tree?


Say you are learning Spanish from English, the reverse is learning English from Spanish.

That’s the reverse tree right?

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