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What Polish Resources Do You Use?

I'm curious what resources and methods everyone else uses to extend their Polish learning beyond Duolingo? Any tips for a beginner?

I've only been learning Polish for a few weeks, but here's what I've found so far:

• Memrise User ray.parkland has created courses that follow the Duolingo Polish tree. I find them helpful for vocabulary I need extra practice on. (https://www.memrise.com/course/920188/duolingo-polish-checkpoint-1)

• TinyCards Made my own Polish pack using images instead of comparing my native language to Polish.

• Radio Dzieciom on www.PolskieRadio.pl Kid's radio station with heaps of radio plays and simple conversations. Also great if you've ever wanted to hear "Let It Go" or the "Chicken Dance" in Polish.

• Google Translate app for rough translations on the go

• Mango Languages (https://mangolanguages.com) Helpful for practicing pronunciation, but probably not worth the subscription cost if you can't access it through your library for free.

• Try to talk in Polish as much as possible at home.

• Write in Polish (to do lists, notes to family, calendar, etc)

•  Netflix has a few movies dubbed into Polish.

• Book Depository has books in Polish and ships all over the world. I purchased a few Polish kids books which should be arriving soon.

Also, I tried looking online for simple reading and writing worksheets that I imagine Polish teachers would give their students, but had no luck. If you know of any I'd love to know where to find them!

Are there any other great resources I'm missing? What has helped you most on your language learning journey?

April 25, 2018



I am very impressed with the list of resources you have compiled. I look forward to trying a few. I use only a few simple resources in addition to Duolingo.

I find Barron's 301 Polish Verbs to be very handy in learning verbs, especially in their perfective and imperfective forms. The book also supplies sample sentences that illustrate the usage of each verb.

Internet Polyglot App helps me learn vocabulary and pronunciation. It groups vocabulary by topic.

Believe it or not, The Lonely Planet Polish Phrasebook has a fine dictionary that provides necessary words. It is simple, but effective for the beginner.

I borrow the Pimsleur Polish CDs from my local library so that I can practise conversation skills. I find their conversational drills helpful in any language that I have studied.


Youtube - my favourite thing is watching polish cooking shows: Kocham Gotować, Pascal Brodnicki and much more...


Hei Apple fan :),

Thanks for your list, there were a lot of sites I didn't know yet! Here are my suggestions:

For listening-comprehension I like: learn polish with piotr https://realpolish.pl/polish-video/ He has some free media that you can use, such as beginner videos, that are easy to understand (sadly bad video quality) and a lot of podcasts with transcripts. I would also recommend polish movies, they have a rich cinematic tradition, if you are into artistic movies. Decalog for example is a 10 film series I think can be found on youtube. dzień świra is a delightful comedy (I have only found it with german subtitles, if you speak german). Other than that, with a bit of work I found https://www.opensubtitles.org/ to be very helpful.

In addition I learn with Assimil, because their system really works for me (I borrow the books from the library to save costs)

This site here offers some free ebooks in polish, the themes are not really my thing, but for the beginning it is ok :) https://www.bookrix.com/books%3blang:pl.html You can also find some learning materiel and books on archive.org

And the last one (if you speak russian) has helped me a lot, too: http://olz.by/stati/polskie-sajty

So good luck and happy learning!!!


Polish Music, lots of great bands and usually you can follow along with the texts by Googling.


easy polish on youtube is great!


Hi Everyone I am using youtube easy polish, real polish for listening and watching cartoon on youtube, tvp1 news on youtube everyday, i had bought hurra po polsku 3 but it is bit difficult to study alone. but i find what ever we read and write if we repeat after a week it will remain in our head, thanks

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Here's a list of 100+ resources you can use to learn Polish outside of Duolingo I've recently compiled.

Hope it helps—I've managed to find some true gems that few learners have heard about, from podcasts through textbooks to TV shows.


I watch the series 'Uczmy Się Polskiego' on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SK33iwH1K0 There's also a book/study guide that you can complete while following the series. It's a bit out dated, but still useful with some expressions. I learnt a lot from it when I first moved to Poland and started learning Polish. Hope it helps you too! :)


Here's a relatively new site with Polish stories, dialogues and podcasts: https://www.repeto.org/learn/polish

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