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#1 Dutch Vocabulary list

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Dutch Art Vocabulary.

Picture: Vincent van Gogh, a famous Dutch painter. (19th century)


The art - De kunst
The artform - De kunstvorm, vorm van kunst
The craft - Het ambacht, de stiel
The art gallery - De kunstgallerij
The artist - De kunstenaar
The painting - Het schilderij
The painter - De schilder
The paint - De verf
The paintbrush - de kwast The easel - De (schilders)ezel
The portrait - Het portret
The drawing - De tekening
The drawer - De tekenaar
The pencil - Het potlood
The pen - De pen
The calligraphy - De kalligrafie
The photography - De fotografie
The photo - De foto
The camera - De camera
The landscape - Het landschap
The poetry - De poëzie
The poet - De dichter
The writer - De schrijver
The book - Het boek
The story - Het verhaal
The pottery - Het aardewerk
The vase - De vaas
The potter - De pottenbakker
The clay - De klei
The ceramics - De keramiek
The sculpture - Het beeldhouwwerk, de sculptuur
The sculptor - De beeldhouwer
The song - Het lied
The singer - De zanger
The instrument - Het instrument
The dance - De dans
The creativity - De creativiteit
The inspiration - De inspiratie
The work - Het werk


Artistic - Artistiek
Creative - Creatief
Inspirational - Inspirerend Handcrafted, handmade - Handgemaakt
Authentic - Authentiek


To paint - Schilderen, verven (please take a look at the comments) To draw - Tekenen
To photograph - Fotograferen
To write - schrijven To write poetry - dichten To make pottery - Aardewerk maken
To sing - Zingen
To sculpt - Beeldhouwen, boetseren
To play (a song) - (Een lied) spelen
To dance - Dansen
To design - Ontwerpen
To craft - Knutselen
To act (in a movie) - Acteren (in een film)
To work - Werken


I’m a painter. - Ik ben een schilder.
My sister is really good at drawing - Mijn zus kan heel goed tekenen.
Joel Cherrico is a good potter - Joel Cherrico is een goede pottenbakker.
I want to learn to dance - Ik wil leren dansen
Writing is art. - Schrijven is kunst
That is really creative! - Dat is heel creatief!


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If you copy-paste something online, please use a proper reference, rather than just a username. Also, please check if the contents are accurate.

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Some remarks:

  • verfborstel is not really used in Dutch I think, at least it sounds odd to me (a borstel is used for cleaning or brushing your hair), de kwast is what one uses for painting
  • inspirationeel sounds odd, I would use inspirerend
  • poëzie schrijven is not really used, rather use: dichten
  • to craft > maken is a very generic word, a more specific one is knutselen (although this has a bit of a non-professional feel to it, like what one does at home at the kitchen table, or what a kid does at school)
  • Mijn zus is heel goed in tekenen > that is a correct sentence, but it feels less natural than the following sentence: Mijn zus kan heel goed tekenen

A note on schilderen versus verven. The distinction is not 100% clearcut, but it roughly comes down to this: Schilderen is what an artist does Schilderen is what a professional painter does (i.e. paining a house) Verven is what a child does If something is painted very poorly, one would probably say it's gevervd rather than geschilderd

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Thank you for the corrections! I have learned one thing from copying and pasting lists: Always double check it!

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