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hey does anyone know any good french music?

I want to improve my basics by listening to french music. So if anyone knows any good ones please tell me. Thanks guys.

April 25, 2018



Stromae is amazing


I agree! Stromae's songs are fun and he has good cadence, which makes the lyrics easy to follow. "Formidable", "Papaoutai" and "Tous Les Mêmes" are my favorites.


Charles Aznavour


Paris Combo and Zaz are both excellent


do you like pop? La Meme is France's top song write now.


yeah I do. I'll check it out thanks.


I really like Fauve. They're...kind of sort of spoken word-ish indie pop. Lyrics come fast, but it's really good stuff, and the videos are usually really good.

Here's two of their songs on YouTube:




Indila, Coeur De Pirate, Sara'h(She does covers of English pop music in French on YouTube), Dalida, Edith Piaf, and Celine Dion. That should give you some variety from old French to very recent music.


Bridget Bardot. Francoise Hardy. Look up the Ye-ye movement from the sixties. Really good stuff in there.


I strongly recommend you to follow Guuzbourg/Guuz Hoogaerts on Spotify. He's created many lists with French songs. I like his playlist 'new French pop 2015-2018' the best. You may not like all the songs in it, but it will give you lots of new singers and bands that are worth trying. I personally wouldn't know what to do without Guuz. My latest discovery is the band Therapie Taxi.


Oooooh!! Si vous aimez la musique de les années quatre-vingts, il faut écouter á Debut de Soirée!



Hi ! I'm french so I can help you, but what kind of music would you listen ?


We stream NOSTALGIE CHANSON FRANCAISE, which is only in French and the adverts aren't too often and they are in French too.

It's got a mix of stuff from 1950s to relatively recent. Songs get repeated if you listen to it a lot you start to hear them again and again, but that's not too bad.


For hip-hop, MC Solaar (I like L’attrape Nigaud and sonotone) and for more indie-ish Cœur de pirate - Prémonition is a good one I just heard! Also all the old classics from Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf are worth learning, I love La Bohème.


90's Quebec pop is pretty amazing, but uses a lot of slang. I recommend Superbus Noir Silence

More recently I've been enjoying Alex Nevsky Damien Robitaille King Melrose

Disclaimer: don't pay too much attention to my French level; I'm using Duolingo to fix some of my written grammar issues.


I would like to add Sally Folk.

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