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Is anyone planning on taking the DELF or DALF?

For anyone unfamiliar, DELF/DALF is an exam where you are tested on your French language skills regarding Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. There are different levels of French fluency you can be tested for and you either pass or you don't. If you pass you get a Diploma based on whatever exam level you took A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2.

I'm learning French both because I like to learn and because as a nanny I'm always looking for qualifications to stack. Our employability is directly linked to what we can offer. The exams cost anywhere between $175 and $300 and if I'm honest, taking the DALF wouldn't be the most ridiculous thing I've spent $300 on.

Is anyone else planning to take the exam or would like to? Is anyone currently studying for it? I'd love to know if people are using DuoLingo as their stepping stone to a formal qualification.

April 25, 2018



I plan on taking it. It would be a good investment for me because I'm an American living in France (married to a Frenchman). Considering the cost, I probably won't do it until I'm at least B1. Considering your line of work, it would be a good investment for you as well. :)


I am jealous! I'd love to be living in France or married to someone who is French. That's going to make taking it a lot easier for you when it comes to practicing for the exam. I don't know what level I would take the exam at yet. Ideally I would love to get to a point that I could be C2 but I think maybe taking the first one at B1 or B2 would be a good way have a formal qualification but not have to wait forever to study for the C1 or C2 without any qualifications at all.


I don't know what level I would take the exam at yet.

First, check what knowledge is expected at each level and how yours match the descriptions here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages.

Ideally I would love to get to a point that I could be C2

C2 is near native proficiency and is a lot of work.

think maybe taking the first one at B1 or B2 would be a good way have a formal qualification

That's a good idea. With formal education, even for adults and even for the lower levels, going from one level to the next can take two years, depending on how intensive the course is. Therefore, there is not point studying something for 4 years and have nothing to show for it because you're ultimately aiming for the highest level.

To get you started and gauge your level, please read my comment about resources here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26503771


@D_.. Thanks for sharing my discuss. :))


Yeah, I feel like getting qualified at B1 or B2 is a good way to show you at least have working knowledge of the language, even though you're still working toward near native fluency. Honestly, B1/B2 is enough for everyday life in France, but like you, I'm aiming for the C's. Perhaps in 10 years' time. lol


For a nanny, I would think it is definitely worth your while. Seeing DELF B2 or DALF on a c.v. is one way I would consider to hire someone who is EFL. Otherwise, we have only looked at EFL candidates with a degree or minor in French. Mes petits are French language first, and it is critical a care provider be able to understand them completely.


Being a nanny is an awkward profession because you don't need a degree but formal education of some kind is expected and there's really only so much you can do before it starts getting very expensive. It's also pretty competitive so I thought a foreign language and learning sign language would be a good thing to add to my skill set.


Yeah, I am thinking, just think. But I am chatting my friend about Delf or French, daily chat. He and me, we want study in France University. I want in Paris, and he Bordeaux.


Kwiziq.com has a test that mimics the DELF. It is simplified, of course. Kwiziq allow you to practice at the skills by DELF levels. Kwiziq cost money but the test is free. I find the quizzes to be harder than Duolingo and they are not as repetitive. There is artificial intelligence driving the questions you get, so you get more practice in the skills you haven't mastered.


Did you take your test? I am currently planning for DELF A2 on December 2019 and then DELF B2 on June-July 2020. Wish me luck guys.

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