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"Ils donnent de la soupe chaude aux immigrants."

Translation:They give hot soup to the immigrants.

April 25, 2018



"They give hot soup to immigrants" was not accepted. This is a correct translation too, right?

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"Aux" is a contraction of "to the".


How can I tell it is "they" and not "he" from the spoken French ??


You cannot tell. Duo accepts both in the listening exercise.


Why not "They give the hot soup to immigrants"?


"de la" is a partitive article, so it can be translate as "some" in English and not "the". It should have been "la soupe", without "de".


Not only that, but you must add the article to the immigrants since aux refers to a + les.


I thought "de la" - of the -"or" - some - (Singular - feminine) and "aux" is -at the - Plural so the offered words has restricted the availability of word "the" to only one ... so I find the question becomes a guessing game between the two locations for the word !!

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First, "de la" is a partitive article referring to an undetermined amount of something. I.e., "De la soupe" = soup, not "the soup", and certainly not "of the soup". While some people tend to see it as "some", it is frequently omitted in the English side of the translation. "Aux" may be "to the" or "at the". So it may be that you are too narrowly defining the words before you attempt the translation. Just a suggestion: determine the meaning of the original French sentence as much as possible before you translate it.

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