"Les cornichons vont bien avec la charcuterie."

Translation:Pickles go well with deli meats.

April 25, 2018

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By the way, neither 'deli meats' nor 'cooked meats' are really equivalent to 'charcuterie' , they don't sound quite right. But Duo won't accept 'charcuterie' as the answer, even though it is perfectly well understood in English.


The r and the n in cornichons are so close together that they look like an m. I had to use a magnifying glass to figure out what the letters were.


Deli isn't in the word list. Perhaps "cold" is the correct choice?


"Charcuterie" refers to precooked meat or the place where it is sold, i.e., a "deli" or "delicatessen". Of course it is refrigerated while it is waiting to be sold. The association to "cold cuts" is perhaps a reach. "Cold cuts" are precooked, presliced and already packaged. "Charcuterie" items are sliced to order.


What would the word for cold cuts be? Thank you.


To my english ears delicatessen doesn't sound very English to me. Would it be German perhaps? 'Essen' = to eat ? We have nothing so exptic round here. We do buy cooked meats prepacked or lose. LOL


We call them cooked meats and it was in the list


I also said cooked meats. AS a native English speaker not from North America, 'deli meat' sounds a bit regional.


Cornichons un English are GHERKINS long and green, not pickles as they are small white and round!


In English we use a term "cold cuts". This would work well in the translation of la charcuterie.

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