"En public, son attitude était si charmante, pourtant."

Translation:In public, his attitude was so charming though.

April 25, 2018

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This is an odd translation. "Though" is very seldom put at the end of a sentence. A better sentence might be "In public, though, his attitude was so charming."


Ahh! That makes sense. I didn't understand the sentence as it stood, with though at the end.


Attitude is feminine I think so why is it 'son attitude'?


Because "attitude" starts with a vowel.

For completeness: A singular noun starting with a vowel or a mute H always uses the masculine form of the possession (mon, ton, son). This is to avoid the conflicting vowel sounds. Gender doesn't matter here.

  • sa eau → son eau
  • ma amie → mon amie
  • ta horloge → ton horloge

But keep in mind that if an adjective (that starts with a consonant) goes between the possessive and the noun, the rules go back to normal.

  • mon petite amie → ma petite amie
  • ton grande horloge → ta grande horloge


behavior couldn't used for this sentence ?


charming manner was rejected. I think manner is a better translation than attitude?

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