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"My granddaughters wash some vegetables."

Translation:Nepoatele mele spală câteva legume.

3 months ago



Poate fii--> niste instead of cateva?

3 months ago

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Yes, it can be.

niște = indefinite article, plural of "un/o"; shows an undetermined quantity

câtva/câtăva/câțiva/câteva = indefinite pronoun / indefinite adjective; shows an undetermined part or quantity, relatively small, from something

"poate fi", not "poate fii". We write "fii" (two "i"s) only in:

  • the affirmative imperative: Fii bun! = Be good! --- but not in the negative imperative: Nu fi rău! = Don't be mean!

  • the present conjunctive: tu să fii = you be

3 months ago