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Deutsch B1 Zertifikat

I hope someone could help me, i've started learning Deutsch like 5 months ago, done many courses but none of them was good enough( or is it me) im trying hard to learn this language, but im bad at listening and understanding, other parts are kinda okay. Im looking for some advices how should i practice, if someone have the same expirience and he has improve and he could help, i would be really thankfull.

April 25, 2018



Watch t.v. shows with German subtitles, or German t.v. with English subtitles. Listen to lots of German music. I like Kraftklub. Read children's books in German. These are all baby steps to learn the language. If possible, immerse yourself in the language. Find someone who knows it and speak to them, on the phone or in person.

I hope these help. I'm struggling too.

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No course will be "good enough" if you won't work on your German in some other ways too. If you have some vocabulary under your belt then you are probably ok with reading, after that you have to learn how to listen, I like to call it "re-learning" the language since you know the words already but now you are learning how to "pick them up from air" by listening. This can be done in a pretty entertaining way by watching TV shows. In my experience first 30 to 50 hours are a struggle and you probably will feel like you don't understand anything, just keep doing it though and everything after that will be better. I never use subtitles, since it doesn't help with listening comprehension unless you actually pause after every sentence, read it and rewind few times to hear it again. Which is not much fun and feels very slow. So... like I said then it gets only better. After like 100 hours it become pretty enjoyable and after 200 hours you start to forget that you watch the show in a new language. So volume is the key. For example the whole show Friends (that most people are familiar with) has 10 seasons and in total it's about 85 hours of material. It's good to start with something that you know from a different language. I recommend sitcoms since the ratio of words per minute is pretty high, it can be probably ten times more than some drama movie with no-talk scenes... In my experience this all means that you need to watch whole two or three pretty long TV shows to get to a comfortable level (those 200 hours I mentioned before). This can be done by half an hour a day or 5 hours a day, depending on your schedule...

Eventually you reach stages when you notice/solidify the grammar rules in the text, you recall a funny scene from the show and it plays out in German in your head, and all this listening will inevitably improve your active skills (speaking, writing) as well. When you add reading to this routine you will be improving all the needed skills in language. If you need to work on your speaking, even talking to yourself is good enough if there is no other way.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask more, I've done this succesfully with two languages so far, so I feel pretty confident about this method :-)

Happy watching and learning.


Ty very much for your time, and for all of this! For sure im gonna do all of this! Im starting this moment, by this comment you gave me so much motive, there is hope again. Seems like you just have to train more and kinda force your own brain to understand everything. Thank you very much again, will find you again if its needed!


Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß und Erfolg beim Deutsch Lernen!


The most useful thing: Take your time. Our language is difficult and we German know it. The best I think is to have patience while learning the grammar and articles and to work with as much fun as possible. Make jokes, use different ways and media and come in contact with the culture too. People can explain and help a lot. Sometimes flying words can help too. If something needs time we say "Gut Ding will Weile haben." (means something that want to be good must be grow with time) and "Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen." (means that nobody is perfect right from the start)

Stay happy

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