"The women are eating a pizza."

Translation:Les femmes mangent une pizza.

April 25, 2018

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Im kind of confused why dont we use "sont" in the sentence ?


So do you only use "les" when the noun is plural and "la" and "le" for the feminine and masculine singular nouns or non?


Les and las are the plurals of the singular nouns le and la. So, Oui


I feel like Duolingo should start trying to teach Verlan, at least where it's common. I know Femme is important to know, but hopefully they decide to accept Meuf and other Verlan. (Ofc I wouldn't want to accept ALL Verlan in the course, just a good minority of the Verlan that's used by almost everyone in France and beyond.) Meuf and Turevoi are super common in my opinion. They should just have a Verlan Skill later in the course?


its a code for sex trafficking we're onto you owl


Is the word pizza feminine or is it "une" because it is women eating the pizza?


oui, pizza is feminine


I am enjoying this french course alot. I am aiming for perfection and consistency

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