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  5. "She had already assumed it."

"She had already assumed it."

Translation:Ella ya lo había supuesto.

April 25, 2018



"Ya lo habia supuesto" was marked wrong. I reported it.


Por qué no, 'Ella ya lo había asumido?'


"asumir", on its own, has the same meaning as "assume" when they both mean "to take on" (or similar meanings), e.g. "to assume responsibility". It is only when you add the preposition "que" (asumir que) that it has the same meaning as to assume/make an assumption. Hope that helps. But, even in the first case, it should be accepted: "I was going to tell her she had to take on the responsibility, but I was too late: she had already assumed it." So if you have time to report it with an example, you should.


Why can't ya be at the end of the sentence?


I think this should be correct as well and reported it: "Ella ya lo había asumido"


Asumado means assumed as does supuesto


Why no personal "a" ?


"Lo" means "it" in this sentence. Even if "la" is used because what was asumado was una proposition, the object pronoun is only female gender when a person or pet or ship is the direct object noun or "la" is the direct object pronoun.

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