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"pretty girl"

Translation:hezká holka

April 25, 2018



Why is dívka accepted for girl in other sentences but not in this?


It is accepted here as well. Please always provide the full answer, not just one word. You probably declined the adjective incorrectly.


Does hezka only mean pretty or cute in this case, or would nice also work?


Nice describes the personality, hezká only describes the appearance.


So why is hezká děvče wrong but hezká holka acceptable?


děvče is neuter (grammatically)


Can i ask what is a purpose of the world "girl" in neuter form? When do you find this distinction useful?


There is no distinction anywhere. All words have certain gender. This gender has nothing to do with the physical gender of the object they describe.


I understand your confusment. It's based on etymological mechanism which is the same as in these words: Hříbě - child horse (hřebec) Kuře - child chicken (Kur) House - child goose (huse) Děvče - child woman (děva in old Czech) All those are neuters...


Learning Czech was making quite a bit of noun/adjective agreement sense until: děvče = neuter. I have visions of the German nightmare of learning the memorization of der/die/das and that das Mädchen = the girl is also neuter. Wazzup wit dat?


What should be? Various words have various grammatical genders.... That is normal in Indo-European languages.


i'd put "krasna" and it counted as wrong. I know it means beautiful, but i thought it can also mean pretty, and "hezka" can mean very nice or pretty.


Krásný is not accepted for "pretty," for the reason that you mention "Nice" is not accepted for hezký if it is applied to people. This is something to get used to early on. :-)

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