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Duolingo Voices

I can understand the male voice in French and German but I can't always understand the female voice. Other people may have the opposite experience. It would be great if I could select the voice that reads the sentences and words. Is this a feature that I can expect soon?

April 25, 2018



It actually would be nice if one could switch between the voices during the audio exercises. Sometimes on the discussion page, one can switch from one voice to the other by reloading the page. This might take a few tries as it is not guaranteed to work the first time. This does not help us during the exercises though! The female voice (at least in French) is a consistent problem. It can be garbled or just plain way off! I did not realize that this affected the other languages. The moderators seem to be aware of this but are unable to do anything about it. Apparently the voices they use are part of library of sounds they use on Duolingo, it may be that they have licensed it from some source!


I have the same problem in French

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