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"Η γυναίκα του έχει κατάθλιψη."

Translation:His wife has depression.

April 25, 2018



I think in English you usually say "suffers from depression" when meaning an ongoing illness. Is this what the Greek sentence says? "His wife is depressed" could just mean she is depressed today, rather than a longterm condition. "His wife has depression" doesn't sound quite right in English.


UK native speaker. "His wife has depression" is fine and common. As you say, it implies a clinical / significant rather than a short term condition. "His wife suffers from depression" is also fine and perhaps implies sympathy / regret. "His wife is depressed" is less specific and could imply a short term / less significant problem, but this would perhaps be qualified by "at the moment" or "today".


At least in the US its common to say "has depression", which is litterally what the Greek sentence here says.


Has depression and has a depression should be accepted


Agreed with the above not your version. I can't give screen shots. I don't know how on a phone.

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