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Health disappears right away

When I start my lessons, my health is full. Often, before I have completed even one lesson, my health is gone and I have to spend jewels to finish that one lesson. This just started to happen recently. Is it relevant that I am studying two languages?

April 26, 2018

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A popular workaround to avoid the "Health" feature

Use Duolingo's web version on your phone/tablet (www.duolingo.com), because it .......

  • does not have the "Health" system and gems

  • will work in the newest version of the Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone or tablet, if you have rather good Wifi (or LTE/4G with an Internet bundle)

For the best typing experience:

  • set the browser to mobile mode
  • use the phone in portrait mode

Link to the official help text in the English Duolingo Help Center

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