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  5. "vuvchuq SuvwI'pu'."

"vuvchuq SuvwI'pu'."

Translation:Warriors respect each other.

April 26, 2018



These are not your average Duolingo Lesson 3 sample sentences. ;-)


Am I correct in believing that this sentence may also be translated as "The fighters respect each other"?


Yes. SuvwI' literally means "fighter", but Klingons use the word in such a way that it seems to indicate something deeper, so we tend to translate it as "warrior".


Is there any site that can help solely with grammer i am not to good at that. Also are there any good english-klingon translater websites


First, there are NO good computer translators. Bing claims to translate Klingon, but it is very bad and should both be used! There are also a number of apps that claim to do the same, but really just ask Bing for the translation. There are is a very good look up app called boQwI' and a great website at hol.kag.org. You might want to check out this forum post for more options: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35666105

But if you're just looking for an explanation of what is presented in each lesson here on Duolingo, you could read the Tips. Duolingo has hidden the Tips, so I want to make sure you know about them and where to find them. If you have not been reading the Tips, I think you will find them very helpful.

If you are doing the course on iOS or Android, you cannot currently access the Tips through the app. To access the Tips, you will have to access the course using a web browser at https://www.duolingo.com/. You can still do it on your mobile device, but you will have to use the web browser instead of the app (or you can do it from a computer). When you click on a Skill, it will expand to reveal a Start button and a Tips button.

If you click on the Tips button it will show you the Tips and give you a detailed explanation of the grammar that is introduced in that Skill. If you have questions after reading the Tips for any Skills, we are happy to answer your questions, but many of your questions will probably already be answered in the Tips.

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