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repeating questions

I am in the 13th level and for the last four or five times I am asked the same simple questions (Je suis calme, etc) before I am allowed to start where I left off. What's the deal with that? It is very annoying!

April 26, 2018



It's to help get it into your memory I suppose. I know, I had that same problem but at least I will probably never forget how how to say "I am a girl", "I am a boy" etc.!


Juste plaisir à étudier!


It's part of the new crowns system, unfortunately. You have the option of skipping and just moving on to the other subjects, but if you're like me and want to complete trees until they're golden, then unfortunately, you have to go through "Je suis calme" and "Les hommes sont riches" 50 zillion times regardless of your level. But hey, at least it'll get it drilled into your head!

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