Translation:I understand you.

April 26, 2018



Is the "you" in this sentence singular? If that's the case then "Sayaj" is the plural "you"? I have a bet with my friend on this: the winner gets a tribble.


The answer is indicated in the Tips & Notes for this Skill. You can read the Tips & Notes by clicking on the skill and then clicking on the light bulb next to the button to start the lessons. Your above suppositions are correct. But shouldn't the loser be the one to have to suffer receiving a tribble?


yIH muSHa'mo' Human, yIH muSHa' tlhIngan Hol ghojtaHbogh Human.


Thanks for the help.
The tribble's dead. I'm going to inject Khan's platelets into the deceased tissue of a necrotic host. Khan's cells regenerate like nothing I've ever seen and I want to know why....

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