"The cat walks."

Translation:Die Katze geht.

4/26/2018, 6:36:03 AM



is there any specific rule as to when gehen is used and not laufen?

4/26/2018, 6:36:03 AM

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What did you write? Die Katze läuft is also accepted.

4/26/2018, 7:12:00 AM


i dont remember but i have seen in other examples that gehen and laufen almost seem interchangeable but i wondered if there is some way to know which to use when... thanks for your reply...

5/2/2018, 9:42:19 AM


They are only interchangeable in certain circumstances. Here is a great explanation about the difference between laufen, gehen and rennen: https://german.stackexchange.com/questions/18395/is-there-any-difference-between-laufen-and-rennen

tldr: gehen and laufen can both mean to walk in specific use cases.

5/28/2018, 6:13:50 AM


haha... quite a controversial topic i gather!!!!!!!!! but yes, most enlightening and certainly very helpful - thank you very very much for posting this link and for taking the time to help me out...

5/28/2018, 7:53:52 AM


Shouldn't "Die Katze gangst" also be correct?

8/17/2018, 6:19:17 AM
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