"I am going to mention that to the others."

Translation:Je vais mentionner cela aux autres.

April 26, 2018



Pourquoi pas 'ça aux autres'?

April 26, 2018


I think "ça" should be accepted. From what I've read, what happens in practice is that "cela" is usually replaced by ça in spoken French. Since I want to be able to speak French as naturally as I can, I chose "ça" .

July 28, 2018


I also had "ca" not accepted, in favour of "cela".

In a previous sentence, Duo would not accept "cela" for 'that' and wanted 'ça'. What is the difference between 'cela' and 'ça'? I thought 'ça' was just a contraction for 'cela'?

June 19, 2018


Why not "Je vais le mentionner aux autres"

June 4, 2018


Using "le" or "la" as an impersonal pronoun means "it", that's why "cela" is in the French sentence to mean "that".

June 13, 2018


Earlier in this section, "citer" was translated as "to mention." But that was not accepted in this case. Why not?

December 11, 2018
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