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  5. What do you think of humanity?


What do you think of humanity?

Duolingo says the correct answer is: "¿Qué piensa de la humanidad?" When I hovered over the word think, Qué (te/le) parace came up as a translation. However, when I put the answer as "Qué te parace de la humanidad" it is counted wrong. Why?

April 26, 2018



The word is parEce, not parace.

Also, you don't say "Qué te parece DE LA" - you just say "Qué te parece la humanidad"
Parecer is to appear, so this version is really saying "How does humanity appear to you?"

Pensar is to think, and pensar de is to think about.
So "Qué piensas de la humanidad" is really saying "What do you think about/of humanity?"


Got it. Thanks! They should fix the hover word.

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