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Keep the tree GOLD, or continue to push the CROWNS??

So of course the new crown system has got alot of completed golden treed people a little confused as to how to keep going on Duolingo, me included!

I have found a little way to go back to the 'old system'. You view your Duolingo progress here: https://duome.eu/JohnAdamClark/progress (Exchange my user name for your own in the URL) On this page you get a list format of all the skills/lessons, and your strength in percentage (usually it will go down to 75%). Then you just click the practice, do 1x lesson (same as what the lesson Strengthen was) and it will go up to 100%. Then you run through the list as you would have on the old Duolingo, keeping your skills all gold.

Unfortunately this does not affect the Crowns. What I mean is if you do 1x strengthen of a skill on the Progress page, it does not give you 1x lesson closer to getting a completed crown on the same skill.

So, of course the big question is: Do you work on the Progress page as of old, or carry on getting new Crowns? So far my experience with the crowns (most of my tree is on Crown level 2 for each skill) is pretty much no new sentences or words as far as I can see.

Will we be seeing, experiencing new words when we get to the higher crown levels? Currently on 2758 words in total.

April 26, 2018



Go to the site you mentioned, pick a skill at a weak strength, and either click on the crown which will bring you directly to a lesson from that skill which will count towards your crown levels, or look up said skill in your tree and complete a lesson in it. Either way, completing lessons will increase the strength of your skills.

In other words, you don't have to choose. You can have the old Spaced Repetition system combined with the new system of getting crown levels. To me, this seems the obviously better choice.


You klick on the name of the topic, don't you? I klick on the crown left of the name. By this I raise the crown level AND I streighten the skill. I even raise the number of words! (I do not notice it myself, but I only learn languages I have already learned once.)


going back to the old system, thank you for the URL


I do not mind the crowns vs. gold tree so much, but I do miss the ability to repeat lessons from skills easily. The new system more or less forces you to do a new lesson section from a skill each time. I followed your link but did not see a way to accomplish what I was after. Has anyone found a way to use the old lessons in a skill method?


I think, doing lessons you already did one time is not wanted by Duolingo anymore. Some days ago they even made a "hack" (typing the exact ULR of the lesson you wanted to repeat) not to work anymore.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I missed the decay system where I could easily see which skills I should practice on.


Works like a charm! I was in limbo for weeks, and now been enjoying catching up since alot of my skills decayed quite a bit.. So, in another week I'll be back to the golden full tree :-)


    From the Crowns FAQ:

    What are Crowns?

    "When you level up a skill, you earn a Crown, and the types of exercises you see will get harder."

    I lost all of my progress!

    "Since levels get harder as you go up, we didn’t feel comfortable placing anyone at Level 4 or 5, since the old system didn’t give hard enough exercises to place into these levels."


    Thanks for this info! But in a nutshell, will we learn new words/vocabulary when getting to the higher levels of crown?



    You only repeat the learned words in a few and usually longer sentences and you have to translate more often from your first language to the foreign language.


    I must admit, despite being a bit frustrated at losing my golden grammar tree, this new system forces you to repeat things extensively and I am finding that IS helping me quite considerably. All in all I am reasonably pleased with the new system.

    My one concern is that I wish the sentences were a little more contemporary. "She reads the menu and they read a newspaper" is not a thing you would often say.

    How about "Vreau și eu un meniu Big Mac" haha!

    Sorry for the Romanian on what I have just realised is probably a German language thread...


    I admit, you will never use this sentence, but it is very good to contrast the verb forms of 3rd person sg and 3rd person pl.

    EN: "She readS the menu and they read a newspaper" DE: "Sie lIE ST die Speisekarte und sie lesen eine Zeitung." ES: "LeE la carta y leeN un diario."


    I tried it, substituted my name, but it didn't work. Does "eu" also need to be changed if I am in U.S.?


    Sorry only saw this now... Yes, you keep the eu part

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