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"Bărbatul mănâncă o oaie!"

Translation:The man eats a sheep!

3 months ago



Could this mean the man eats mutton or would that have to be carne de oaie?

3 months ago

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That would be "Bărbatul mănâncă carne de oaie" or simply "Bărbatul mănâncă oaie".

3 months ago

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This sentence implies that he's eating a sheep whole, so it certainly seems odd when we were previously told that it should be "carne de porc" and not just porc. I certainly wouldn't say "mănâncă oaie" or "mănâncă o oaie" in polite conversation. :) And anyway, most people prefer "carne de miel" (i.e., lamb).

Some of these sentences make me wonder as to whether they were put together by people who were either having too much fun (without context it's hard to tell), or who are frenemies of the Romanian people and language.

3 months ago