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"Nous devons accélérer pour arriver plus tôt chez nous."

Translation:We have to speed up to get home sooner.

April 26, 2018



There are too many perfectly good and equivalent English sentences which are marked wrong for this:

"We need to speed up to get home sooner." "We have to speed up to get to our place sooner. (Chez nous is elsewhere marked wrong as "our house" and correct as "our place." "We have to speed up to arrive at our house sooner." "We have to speed up arrive earlier at our house."

All correct English and faithful translations so far as I can tell.

And so it goes....


"We must speed up in order to arrive home sooner" - also marked wrong. :( It is a guessing game to determine which combination of words will be accepted.


I wrote "get home" and it was considered wrong. "go home" was considered correct.


This is ridiculous. I put We must accelerate in order to get home sooner - and it was marked wrong. The translation preferred by Duo is not good English.

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