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  5. "Don't walk! Run!"

"Don't walk! Run!"

Translation:yIyItQo'! yIqet!

April 26, 2018



quwargh tach yIjaH, quwargh tach DatIv. DaH yIjaH. yIyItQo', yIqet!

(Not translated for rhyme or meter.)


jIjatlhDI' qet, peqet. qet!

(Uses special rules for quotations and clipped speech, but I couldn't resist.)


I put peyItQo', but it said it was wrong. Can someone explain?


Did you also say peqet?


I didn't say peqet because it was a question where you were only supposed to put the first part of it, but I get it now. Thanks for the help!


I think I understand what you had. Remember that when you discuss these sentences on these forums it does not show what kind of exercise you had. Was it one that gave you the English and then said, "_____! yIqet!"? Then you had to type in the Klingon translation of "Don't walk!" I think you understand now, but in case anyone else comes along and still doesn't get it: You shouldn't switch who you are talking to in the middle of an exercise unless there's some indication that you are switching (like in some of our question and response exercises). So either use yI- for both or pe- for both. Since it already gave you a yI-, you should also use yI-.

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