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  5. "我们有两个厕所。"


Translation:We have two toilets.

April 26, 2018



Mayne better to say, "we have two bathrooms", unless you're in a business that has a bathroom with multiple toilets. Even then, you'd probably say, "there are two toilets in the bathroom.


A room with only a toilet in and nothing else is never called a bathroom in the UK. Most people who have two toilets will usually have one in an actual bathroom and another in just a tiny cupboard like room with perhaps a small wash hand basin as well.

This Chinese sentence is not saying there are two bathrooms only there are two toilets. We can't tell if they are in a public building or a home from the sentence.


just to clarify: 厕所 is like a public bathroom or an actual toilet 洗手间 is like a bathroom in your own home/a washroom Am i right?


卫生间 (wei4sheng1jian1) is the more formal word, think of it as how we might say "restroom".

厕所 is more like "bathroom" sometimes translated as toilet but only in situations like "can i use your toilet?" Etc. It doesn't refer to the actual bathroom fixture

That is 马桶 (ma3tong3)


I might beg to differ. 马桶 refers specifically to the Western-style toilet fixture, to distinguish it from the traditional toilet used in China (squatty potty). While there is a formal term for the traditional toilet fixture in China, I don't know that I've ever heard anyone call it something other than a 厕所.


yiyeks two toilets in the same bathroom

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