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Freeze Protection loss danger warning

With all the reminders that I get from DL to do my daily lessons I do occasionally miss a day. Usually that is covered by FREEZE protection HOWEVER. I have missed days and not noticed it until I venture into the store to find out that my freeze protection had been used and had lapsed. On two occasions in over 3 years I've lost my streak. (Last night by ONE minute). I will NOT pay for restoration. Uncivilized. I WOULD like to be warned when my streak protection has been used.

April 26, 2018



I check mine everyday.


If I could remember to check every day I wouldn't need to keep a streak freeze. The days that I have used a streak freeze have all been due to completely forgetting about doing my Duo for the day. However, that said, checking my streak freeze is part of my daily routine---when I remember!


I get warnings. If you aren't getting those, then I must be part of a test group. So, the good news is that they are testing it. :)


PS if you haven't already, I recommend checking out this discussion on safeguarding your streak. One suggestion, as pointed out by spionpete, is to check your streak freeze everyday. It includes some common pitfalls and causes of streak loss as well.

[deactivated user]

    If you do change your mind and decide to pay to have your streak restored then that is an opportunity to give something back to Duo for all that they have done in providing free language learning. Just saying :)


    I try to check the store on a fairly regular basis to ensure my streak freeze is intact, too. I've been surprised on occasion to see it had been used! O.O

    I've also lost long streaks, and it's a kick in the teeth :(

    Your warning to others is a good one, and your suggestion is excellent - I think you should move your post to "Duolingo", where it will be seen by everyone, and not just Spanish learners. Also the general forum is the best place to discuss suggestions for improving Duolingo.

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    My fear is the day I get sick, and after 'religiously' maintaining a streak for an ungodly amount of time realize that i missed two days in a row. At that point, i only hope that there is someplace to seek forgiveness. **for me. duolingo is a five step process: check the protection, earn my daily XPs, check my protection, check discussion, check my protection -- so far its been effective


    I sometimes too don't notice it when the streak freeze is used, so I just keep doing my lessons. But than maybe forget it again and my streak is gone. It would be great that if the streak freeze is gone that when you lock in DL a POP UP will tell my that I used my streak freeze.


    This has happened to me many times. My goal is not so much increasing the streak as it is improving my language skills. Why do folks want the streak anyway? Do you think the time change to daylight savings time interfered with your streak?


    ,,interesting question as to why i want the streak ,,,different things motivate different people -- in my case "wanting to maintain the streak"m motivates me to practice each day and to meet a preset number of "points" (XPs) --or "pay" with accumulated "points" (lingots) *** it's my way of motivating myself (i;ve discovered quick ways to meet the goal when I don't really want to practice BUT don't want to really skip a day) -- but then again i'm a little OCD I think

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