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"My eyes are big so that I can see you perfectly."

Translation:qaleghlaHchu'meH tIn mInDu'wIj.

April 26, 2018



Shouldn't the -meH bit always come first?


Indeed it should!

I've "removed" this sentence and replaced it with a corrected version.

(I also notice that the -laH for "can" is missing from this version; it's present in the replacement.)


This seems a bit strange to me. The use of -meH usually seems to indicate intent - however in this sentence I would interpret the English as meaning "because I have big eyes" - mainly because you can't choose to have big eyes. Am I wring in my interpretation of how -meH should be used?


Not so much "intent" as "purpose". I will agree that it does feel a little like it is implying some intentional creation of that purpose. Like maybe he had surgery. Or maybe he believes in a creator that had that in mind. Although it's also possible to think of it as less "intelligent" and perhaps the speaker of this sentence means that evolution has created big eyes in his species so they can observe people better.

It's not the only slightly odd sentence in the course. It seems to be a reference to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. One of our contributors once wrote a Klingon version of Little Red Riding Hood. But she wasn't the one who added this sentence to the course.


The English version of Little Red Riding Hood, which this does seem to be a reference to, also implies that the SoSnI'qoq has big eyes "in order to see you with." I agree that doesn't make sense, but lots of the sentences in the course describe things that are not true or not possible. It's the nature of language to enable lying or exaggeration.

In real life, wolves don't talk, for example.

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