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My Approach to the New Crown System

I've been using Duolingo for a long time and I was one fo the people pleased with the new crown system. It actually gives me more motivation to study because it shows where I am weak and gives me 'new mountains to climb'

With that said, I could see maybe where it could be overwhelming what to study next with the new system. This is my approach. I am not saying it's the right approach, but it works well for me and may work well for you:

1) When I am still working at completing the tree, I spend half of my time learning new things and half reviewing old things.

2) After I have completed the tree, I focus on getting more crowns for the grammar focused ones first, especially ones I have trouble with. Ones like prepositions and certain tenses. I've found myself speaking much more confidently after having done this.

3) Don't try to level up crowns for early lessons. It's a waste of time. Future lessons already serve as review for these.

Let me know if this helps.

Cheers, Lee

April 26, 2018


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Thanks for sharing your experiences, Lee!

I totally agree that the new system I very helpful as it gives more control to the users. I like that I can decide myself which lessons I want to repeat and which aren't worth the efford and I am also aiming on a 50:50 rate of old and new lessons every day.

There are just 2 things that could make the new system even better: - I would like to be able to see in which lessons I am making a lot of mistakes to make it easier to decide which lessons should be repeated (right now I am writing that down manually) - The difficulty of the lessons could increase a bit quicker. I have problems noticing any increase at all. (Actually it would be perfect if I could choose the speed in which I want to level up. Some people like to learn with high quantities of lessons every day but I prefer lower numbers and take more time for each of them instead)

Maybe this will be part of a future update. Generally I am happy to see that duolingo keeps improving and trying out new things.

April 26, 2018


This is so cool! Your approach is very similar to my "Relaxed learning with Crowns" https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26919711

When I follow the discussions, I think that what people makes nervous is the thought "I need to have everything complete (golden)!".

But I think it is better to have an environment of growth. In the new system, this is signaled by the growing numbers of crowns (now also combined with different colors for each crown level in my website view, which I love) and in the growing circles around each skill.

This reflects much better the situation of learning, which is never complete. I have been studying English for over forty years now, and every day I learn something new. Therefore, I find this new representation much more realistic and inspiring.


I agree with everything here. What I do is get to Crown Level 3 in tenses and Crown level 4 for vocabulary.


Thanks for sharing!!

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