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"I think that is something that we need to consider."

Translation:Eu acho que isso é algo que nós precisamos considerar.

March 23, 2013



Doesn't "de" always follow the verb precisar? Or is that only when the following word is a noun? Ex: Eu preciso de leite.


You right. You use "de" when there is a noun after precisar. When it is a verb you dont use it.


Could this be a dialectical difference? I have heard Fado songs (from Portugal) in which the singer says "Eu preciso de te ver" --would this sound strange in Brazilian Portuguese?


Oh yes, in Portugal it works differently, but in Brasil (although it is understandable) you would sound odd.


I have written exactly the correct translation and the system said it was "incorrect".


Do we really need the second"que" here, or would "algo nós precisamos considerar" too? In English we could omit the second "that" too without losing anything.

For the record, at the moment it is marked as wrong.


Yes, you have to use both...


Thank you very much.


Why is "aquela" incorrect? As in "Eu acho que aquela..."


Aquela + feminine noun. So, aquela does not work here


This was my incorrect answer... "Eu acho isso está algo que nós precisamos considerar".

Firstly. Is there really a need to use "...que isso"? I'm reading that as "that that" in this context.

Secondly, as considering something is a temporary thing, wouldn't we use 'está' rather than 'é'.

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