French 25

I allow myself one and only one bragging/reflective post per language, upon reaching level 25, and this week I reached it in French.

I began learning French to prepare for an anniversary trip to Paris. The trip ended up being postponed for a few years, but I decided to stick with it anyway in the meantime. Boy, would my high school French teacher be proud of me for picking things back up!

Knowing comparably much less about this language than when I reached this stage in Esperanto, I will keep my thoughts brief, and vague, so as not to embarrass myself. The language is a lot more difficult than it's given credit for, and a lot less similar to English and Spanish than people would have you believe. Genders, genders, genders...

I will also say that the Duolingo French course seems a particularly well constructed and maintained program. In terms of the basics, at least, this was exponentially more effective than any other method I've found. I eagerly anticipate the day when the updated tree will find me.

Next stop: Relearning the Spanish I abandoned after college!

April 26, 2018


Félicitations JP! I agree, the French course on here is well designed and excellent. Well done and Keep going!

Merci, will do!

Bravo et bonne continuation !

Have you checked out the stories in the Labs? Now that you have a good foundation, you can branch out by reading, watching short clips, and practicing speaking. This is where it starts to be really fun! Best wishes on your future trip to Paris.

Wow, I actually haven't explored that at all. I'll do so now!

Felicitations! Thanks to the Crown system, I should reach Level 25 before I reach the end of my French tree! I'm getting so many points with this new system!

The end is in sight! Yes, I'm only about a fourth of the way through it since the crown transition. The mission to re-gild the tree will keep me in practice with French while I begin work on Spanish.

Merci beaucoup!

Well done, I studied French for many years in school and college and here I am 10 years later re learning! I’m off to Paris in November and looking forward to practicing what I’ve learnt :)

Good luck, if you're at typical tourist places you'll probably find most people want to speak English to you, you may need to travel off the beaten path to find people willing (and patient enough) to talk to you in French. I've been told that outside of Paris its easier to find people to speak French with.

Because they can't speak English, lol

Hi Vicki,

how much have you retained in French from your school/college years?

Where you able to recognize many words or have you been even able to recall French words in EN-FR translations?

How deep was your French grammar you learned before DuoLingo? Was it gone, did you have to restart with DuoLingo from zero or did you just have to refresh your previous knowledge (well established fundamentals)?

Good going. I'm a couple days away from level 19 (I'm earning XP points at about 5 times my previous rate since the Crowns program debuted.)

Early congratulations on achieving Level 19! I'm getting carpal tunnel in my hands from so much typing! I am having fun with this new Crown system, though!

Chapeau bas

Awesome! Well done!

Thanks! You're pretty close yourself, it seems.

Haha, I'm getting there! I think I'll make it before year's end...

Félicitations French 25! Je peux vous recommander la roumaine. C'est une belle langue qui se rapproche fortement vers le français.

Ah, oui, finalament. Pourquoi l'apprends-tu?

BRAVO! Two courses level 25!

Only 30-something to go, right?

congratulations, does this mean your whole tree is golden? As the levels appear to be gained quickly in the beginning but slow down a lot, I noticed level 12 or 13 does not mean you are half way.

My tree was golden for quite some time, before the crown update. Now it's a work in progress. I believe the halfway point is somewhere in level 20, actually.

have all my lingots buddy

Why thank you! I'll pay it forward.

Congratulations! Your achievement is very impressive!

Hi Jeff,


In case you do not already know your SHOF site, enjoy: (currently selected Spanish course)

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