"No one at the school had written about this."

Translation:Nadie en la escuela había escrito sobre esto.

8 months ago



The sentence refers to all of the students yet no single student of the school had written about the topic. So, is the verb singular or plural. How to determine whether we are talking about all of the students or a single student who has never written about the topic. Arrgghh, grammar

8 months ago


"No one" is singular. Example: "No one is..." You cannot say "No one are..." "No one" will always be singular.

2 weeks ago


Se puede decir 'en el colegio' también

8 months ago


¿Se puede decir, “Nadie en la escuela había escrito se trata de esto“?

4 months ago


Nadie en la escuela habia escrito DE esto... was marked wrong. Is there a reason "sobre" must be used instead of "de"?

2 months ago
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