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Need: Swahili Update

I have been taking Swahili, and I find it a bit difficult, because I don't know how to say anything I am learning about the language!

April 26, 2018



Lack of audio keeps me postponing learning of the language as well...

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Same here!


I know right? My brother was trying to do Swahili and he just stopped because it was pointless. He didn't know how to pronounce anything! I totally agree with you HaloK474!


I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUjpXWPaWE0

They do a pretty good job providing sounds for several (if not all) syllables. Hope this helps you study better. ;)


It is MUCH needed. This would be so helpful for social workers and case managers working with refugee populations.


This is exactly why I'm learning, and it would be nice not to have to pester my refugee clients to help me with pronunciation all the time.


I'm sure at least some of your clients would love to give you the chance to practice their language... and they will appreciate you trying to learn.


Oh they do, definitely! It just gets tiring for them after a while.


Merci for the link, Mr.Jay7.


If they can't use human recordings is it really that hard to make a robot voice? It might be hard with a language like Klingon but Swahili pronunciation is not so complicated. No sound is not much better than a textbook.


Sure can't wait for the day that audio is finally added!


There are severalsources to help you to pronounce Swahili correctly. Take some time to find out. Some examples:

https://www.languagetransfer.org/complete-swahili or https://www.swahilipod101.com/swahili-phrases/05022018?logo or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUjpXWPaWE0

There are many more examples, courses and lesson to get you started here.


It really sucks, because Swahili would be a really interesting language to learn. :(

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