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  5. "Všude leží sníh."

"Všude leží sníh."

Translation:Snow lies everywhere.

April 26, 2018



I feel that this is too literal a translation into English. More natural would be to say, "there's snow everywhere."


Well, it can surely lie round about, deep and crisp and even. So maybe also everywhere?


Interstingly that Ukrainian has word snih too in contrary of the other Slavic languages.


How often is "leží" used in comparison to "je", for the "general" contexts (most used contexts)? If an English speaker would say "there is snow everywhere" or "snow is all around", what would a Czech speaker say? "Všude leží sníh.", "Všude je sníh" or something else?


Both would be used fairly regularly. Depends whether you want to emphasize the lying for some reason, whether you have a picture of a beautiful image of a snowy countryside in your mind or you are annoyed that there is a traffic disruption on your way, but both would be used in all these cases, just perhaps with different frequencies.


Thank you for you answer!

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