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Bots are now gone from iPad version?! (German)

I find it very frustrating that the bots are now gone, they were a very useful tool for my language skills as it gives real contexts that could be used in real life. It’s a shame they decided to remove them...

April 26, 2018



They should be coming back! It is a shame there isn't a news feed to keep us informed, so we don't freak out.


More communication would be good .The sudden disapearance of Chatbots with no explanation has really put me off learning as I was getting bored with just doing the Tree. . The Stories are helpful but a bit of a struggle at my current level of German.


Thanks - and now I see there is an announcement board. I couldn't use your link so I had to hunt to find it. So now I'll say wouldn't it be great to have a news feed visible (or a visible link? What's new?!

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